Maintain a Healthy Prostate

As the baby boomer generation heads toward retirement, many of us (the male portion) are becoming more and more aware of and worried about, our prostate health. It is a total; departure from my father’s and grandfather’s day when they not only did not worry about their prostate, they probably didn’t even know about it!

But today, men over fifty are concerned with, and would like to know how to, maintain a healthy prostate. What follows is my research into this subject and what the ordinary guy can do to keep himself and his prostate healthy naturally.

A varied diet that includes a lot of vegetables, nuts and fruit, and NOT a lot of red meat and a moderate amount of cardio exercise per week, a brisk thirty minute walk every day is a good regime to start, is key to the start of your quest to keep your prostate healthy. Men who eat a lot of red meat have been found to have a risk of prostate cancer that is 250 times greater than men who consume a small or no amount of red meat. Stick with turkey, chicken and fish. It’s also better for your heart.

As far as supplements goes, this is where you can really do something good and simple for your prostate! There are several vitamins and minerals available that have been shown in clinical studies to aid in maintaining prostate health.

First of all is that old stand-by, vitamin C. Yes, good old vitamin C. It has been shown for years that vitamin C aids the body in healing infections and wounds. Now it has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on enlarge or infected prostates. Large daily doses of vitamin C can affect the prostate for the better, but anything over 3000 ml is probably going to be flushed through your system to no good effect.

And a mineral found to aid in treating and healing enlarged or infected prostates is zinc. Infections lower the body’s level of zinc and prostate infections are even harder on these. Researchers believe that 50 – 100 milligrams of zinc daily is a good option.